PAQ paying the bill
Photo by Manong Guard at Meralco, Edsa.

Deadly, bike-commuting is. Bad cars, badder drivers Philippines have. Roads cratered like face of that long-hair Mexican actor. Is DPWH and Manila Water looking for Yamashita gold still? Da PA-Q! So many diggings. Roads really bad now where I live.

Some maybe think me is soshal because my bike look good so some truck drivers they tail me with their truck. I stick up middle finger them to.


Laugh they do, and pass me by.

But me is not soshal. Never was, never will be. Bike is only borrowed from husband, who will be pissed when this he reads.

I love bike commutes. Let me give reasons.

1. Pay no fare. Yey! Save up to 16 pesoses on jeepney fare. Or 100 pesos if you take cab. Can buy 12 eggs plus one plastic kamatis with 100, you know.

2. Exercise. Good cardio workout going up slope on roads here and there. Don’t mind usok though.

3. Kariton man smiled. On way home, kariton man had cart full of metal stuff going up road. Really heavy cart. But when he saw me, he STOPPED PUSHING KARITON so I can pass. And SMILED. AT ME. No front teeth anymore. Does this happen to drivers of cars?

4. Cure for “near yet far” syndrome. Do you live maybe 5-10 minute walk away from a sister or a cousin? Yet can’t find time to chat because nagkakatamaran? If you bike-commute, you’ll be forced to pass by because drink water you must. And see niece and nephews. And also get gifts unclaimed from last Christmas when Tita from US brought pasalubong. Yey, Soya Milk!

5. No emission. Bike commuter gentle to Mother Earth. No pollutions. Unless Bike Commuter eat lots of camote cue.

6. You feel more alive. Bike-commuters are more alert, look to the left to the left, to the right, to the right, but very fast!  You have to balance yourself on bike, make sure your grip is good so you don’t slip on road, and remember you can’t pump just one break or you’ll endo and die, you have to pump both brakes at once for smooth stop. You really feel your mind and whole body working. In fact, me decided to write this essay while riding today. See?

7. Boost self-confidence. Yes, you win one point because you swerved just in time when car door was opening! Yes, two points because you predicted the tricycle driver will make 360-degree turn! Yes, you’re alive and not yet roadkill!

Bike-commuting in Philippines not as easy as in first-world countries. But I don’t like it when things are too easy. I love Philippines and bike-commuting here for these reasons. Try it and live a little. I thank you!