Amazing how one protein molecule has driven most of us to social action & civic engagement! Keep it up guys!

I have a few musical things going on at the moment (as my alter-ego Isha Abubakar):

Easter Sunday Isha poster

April 12, 2020 (10 am Manila) – Easter Sunday Livestream on Facebook Live at Am reworking a few lullabies to sync with the babymama theme but this is actually just an excuse to sing some of my favorites from Tori Amos, Tears For Fears and Lucio San Pedro, as well as share some ongoing non-profit work with my friends at #UnitedMothersNurturingHumanity around COVID-19.

For my friends in Vancouver and Los Angeles, this means you can catch this livestream on April 11 (Sat) at 7pm. 

furball telethon

April 14, 2020 (2 am Manila)
– I am putting together an “aquarium” piece featuring my favorite scenery here in British Columbia set to my piano music, for the #MamatayKangHayupNaCovidKa fundraiser organized by my friends at #Furball. So to all my friends in the Philippines who are having trouble sleeping haha, head out to their Facebook page and get a dose of my relaxing long-form special! To paraphrase that famous TV ad back home: “pagod siguradong tepok!”